Thursday, 11 September 2014

double wedding ring and macaroons

Always wanted to give DWR a go
Still using up my scraps to make a lap quilt for a wedding present,  cannot face trying to make a bed quilt. Going OK at the moment, but have ordered templates to trim more accurately, also tempted to get the accuquilt die, although thats a smaller diameter than my current block.

Today was a  good day
doggie off to daycare 0730
2 hours cleaning + washing
high speed train to London  to Waitrose cookery school to make  macaroons
 brilliant value
warm pastries and fresh coffee  and fruit on arrival, glass of cava to celebrate a staff members birthday ( hurray! ), lovely demo with handsome chef and great fun making them with an old friend
BUT feel I cannot live now without a professional cooking thermometer

Wandered into Finchley Road Habitat and was taken by the number of quilty inspired items there

Thursday, 14 August 2014

post festival

inspired again to get going,  finished my hole in the wall quilt from workshop with Sue Bouchard

the fabrics were in a kit at the show, so not my first choice...but meant I could get on and sew straight away
took the opportunity to really try and improve some techniques, squaring off and binding with mitres.
I had a go at some matchstick quilting, just in the cornerstones, but that was enough! Used a variegated thread which did not really contrast or completley disappear, so WRONG choice.... lesson learned.

Also converting my workshop samples to cushions as Ted the dog has chewed my last lot of cushions and they need to be replaced....
This one was from a workshop on reverse machine applique with Abbie Anne Searle

Flicking through Kaffe's latest, so pretty..........

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Festival Of Quilts 2014

OMG, what a great time I've had. Exhausted, but SO inspired to get on and make some new  work.
This is the the first time our london modern quilt guild  has exhibited, and very exciting it was.
I had the pleasure of manning  our  exhibit on Sat morning  with Shevvy and Claire, we had a great time. Most common question....what IS modern then? why is it different from contemporary etc.
We were determined not to be drawn into an argument.......... I think we felt that you know something is modern when you see it and that technique is not the be all and end all, its the impact  and the enjoyment of making the  quilt that matters to us. ......which is just as well as my amaranth july quilt was very wonky with crap techinique  when hung, and the guild members tactfully pushed up a table of cushions to hide the wonkiness....hurray! Thats my quilt peeking out  of the  exhibit.

Also had a fantastic time at workshops
Doodle piecing with Patricia Belyea

Had  to buy some delicious yukata cottons that Pat imports from Japan

Then hole in the wall with Sue Bouchard from California

Do you like me toes? Had a pedicure  before the show!!. I think this block is a great one to showcase fabrics, and I want to do an indian sari silk and an african print  version.......
 Then a very interetsting lecture by Mike Fitchett who is a designer by trade, married to a quilter. He described this process of   him seeing a scene that he felt could be transformed into a he sketches  on a concertina sketch notebook (  I want one now) then how he transfers to 'sum' paper, and scales up on dot and cross paper...then they decide on underlying pieced structure, then applique...all brilliant, to echo the wonderful railway poster vibe of 30s  to 50s. 
I think this technique could translate into modern style well, with jewel like solids and strong graphic mode... I am looking forward to giving it a go! I LOVE hearing talented people talk about what they do, and learning how a  commercial designer works was amazing. His day job is designing  contemporary wall clocks and time pieces.

Then a fun workshop with Jennie Rayment who I had been keen to meet hearing  about her persona. She was the sort of  woman I admire...just dig in and GET ON with things, no messing! She had been on the go at the show since early morning and still had the pizazz for an evening workshop, GO Jennie!

I guess her work is origami in fabric, not sure how I would use it, but very glad to give it a go , think 3D is a bit scary for me at the moment.She is very entertaining at telling stories against herself which is always a good sign I think
Today ,  a lovely enjoyable laid back final workshop with Abbie Anne Searle, on reverse machine applique

Had to photograph Abbie's hair as my daughter is really into colouring her hair and will be jealous of Abbie's I'm sure. 
This is my first effort........ think I will use this maybe trying out  geometric shapes with solids.....

Home at last with a suitcase full of fabric and LOADS of inspiration, mission thing was hearing my aunt will be coming over from the US to teach next year, hurrah!

Monday, 12 May 2014

work bags etc

Found a good pattern for cross body work bags, big enough  to hold stethoscope, purse, lipstick, timesheets, pens , glasses and small ( sadly) bar of chocolate

its called the two zip hipster by erin erickson

I do find the zip insertion a bit complex, so may try some modifications on the next one I make

I did a trial one in lovely Tula Pink meteor fabric. Strap needed some extra holes, so great excuse for buying another gadget, Draper pro rotatable punch. Goes through leather really easily.

Had a request to make one for night sister at work, she loves teal, so used my bluey/green batiks for that one. Now another nurse has asked for one "with cherries". Nice to be asked, but now got to go on hunt for suitable cherry fabric, order more leather straps etc.Previous bags were made with my scraps, as I need to continue to keep digging away at scrap mountain.

So back to my EQ7 quilt, have paper pieced  top row today 

Friday, 2 May 2014


Yay, finally got the Mac version of EQ7
Took an eternity to download with our rubbish broadband, but eventually managed it
Wasting many happy hours fiddling around, even watching the idiots guide videos, although can't seem to restart the videos once I pause them which is a wee bit trying.

This is my first design, trying for something simple that I can do 

I love the way red and pink glow together 
Foundation pieced blocks, however the fabric yardage estimations do not take account of my way of foundation piecing which is to use huge fabric pieces to make sure I  fill each space

Made 3 blocks so far 

Had  a small drama today when my quilting ruler fell off the top of the sewing machine ( why was it there I ask myself) and managed to get underneath and break the needle mid seam, whooa. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Spring !

New enthusiasm with the advent of Spring
Gone a bit mad
Most excited as have booked up for festival of Quilts, the whole festival
whoooo hoooo

Makes this month include these addictive little pattern weights

Also got a bias tape maker as felt the need for a new gadget
got a 2 inch quilt tip for it too, it only folds it in half but its so much  fun running it through the machine

last meeting of London Modern Quilt Guild the challenge set was to do some curved piecing. One of our members demo'ed  for us, and I found the tip of starting in the middle rather than at one end essential

Bag making again, not perfect but OK for me to use

And trying some Tula Pink blocks from her book
 '100 modern quilt blocks'

To  give you a laugh, look at my first try at a top with my own bias binding, spot the mistake?

Found something on my quilt border

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ah, blogging...I remember that

Well, at last first blog of 2014

Err, we got a puppy just before Christmas, and my life has been in suspended animation since

Ted, ready to go for  first walk , firmly strapped into coat

Reminds me of when Robyn was born. I am not a natural go with the flow person. 
I understand some people actually have a puppy and get on with their lives as well.

Late February, finally tried to get back to some sewing, so let little pooch ( Ted ) into room. 

Within 30 seconds she found the only pin on the floor and trod on the sewing machine pedal

Did that seam quite fast....OUT YOU GO !

But, finally got the simply solids amaranth july quilt together and  I like, you like?

Daughter is now 15, and capable of looking after doggy whilst I attended London Modern Quilt Guild at last. Enjoyed the meeting. Good buzz, as we have now joined modern quilt guild, whoo hoo!

Challenge this month was to make a boxy pouch which Cara from pink stitches demoed for us, thanks Cara. Chose some linen mix solid to combine with print.Used fairly light fusible interfacing, so a bit too floppy for my liking...but with lots of stuffing and starch spray made it pull itself together for the photo. I enjoyed the simple zip, no fannying around with zip tabs. Should have waited until my order of chunky zips arrived, but when you want to get on with a project, you just have to go for it.When they do arrive, I can make more.The zip is not a nasty royal blue, honest. I think iPhoto enhanced it a bit too much.

One of my junior docs sent me this photo of his bubby wrapped in the quilt I made for  her...sweet.